iPhoto Is An iPOS

So yeah, I was browsing my photo library last night looking for a picture, a needle in a haystack of a task in and of itself, when I realized that iPhoto completely botches the sorting by date. This is iPhoto 8.1.2., upgraded from whatever previous version I had on my old iMac. Pain in the ass. I haven’t even upgraded to iPhoto ’11 to feel the data loss pain yet.

And no, I never found that picture I was looking for.

The souls of the ship…
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Baskin Robbins Fail

So yeah, we went for an ice cream treat tonight. The wife pointed this out to me while we were at Baskin Robbins. I had to step outside to get some air ’cause I was laughing so hard. I don’t think the nice girl behind the counter knew what I meant by asking, “Is this for real?”

Sleep well…
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My iPhone App: Bricking News

So yeah, I created an iPhone app called Bricking News. It took about 2 weeks of development time and about 4 weeks of waiting while the app went through the approval process. Part of the reason why it took so long in review was that I included the term “Star Wars” in the keywords to describe my app. Why Star Wars? ‘Cause I figured since I run a LEGO Star Wars website, and it was included in the app, why not? Seemed pretty harmless. But as it turned out it was a bad idea. Someone from Apple’s legal team contacted me with the following:

Thank you for submitting Bricking News to the App Store.  We’ve reviewed Bricking News and determined that we cannot post your application because it appears to contain features, namely, images and marks in your application’s keywords, that bear a resemblance to a well-known third-party mark, Star Wars, that infringes on rights owned by Lucas Films.

Clearly they did not review the app thoroughly enough to know that there was no infringing going on. It’s not like I had a picture of Darth Vader as my icon or on the splash screen or anything like that.

They went on to request evidence that I have permission to use the trademark. Annoyed by their lack of effort in actually reviewing the app, I just resubmitted the binary and removed the keyword. I responded to the email by saying, “if reporting news on Star Wars is infringing on a trademark then there are a lot of media outlets that are in trouble.”


So after resubmitting and another week or two of waiting, the app is now live. Yay.

I believe it is too early to make a choice.
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Shaved My Head

So yeah, decided to shave my head. My head’s not that pointy. Really.

You and I are exceptions.
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So yeah, I started a blog.

Salutations are worthless so let me skip that.
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